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The PortInfra network aims at improving the exchange and development of knowledge regarding construction and maintenance of port infrastructure.

Port Conference November 2018
I November 2018, PortInfra was arranging a conference in collaboration with PIANC Sweden and the Port of Gothenburg. The conference took place in Gothenburg 6-7 November 2018 and the theme was port development, production and construction. Read more

Port Seminar June 2017
On June 7th 2017, PortInfra, Sveriges Hamnar och Gävle Hamn arranged a seminar in Gävle. The seminar theme was maritime constructions, and during the day information and knowledge about public guidelines, funding options and construction material alternatives was presented. There was also a site visit at the port of Gävle. Read more
If you have any questions contact maria.mustonen@ecoloop.se, 072-553 88 58

Port Conference October 5th-6th 2016
In the beginning of October 2016 the Port of Trelleborg, PIANC Sweden, Ports of Sweden (Sveriges Hamnar) and PortInfra were arranging a conference concerning port construction efficiency and permit processes. 
Visit the conference page 

Project start January 2016: Small and medium-sized ports for efficient supply chains
Project objectivities are to conduct a pre-study and to formulate an Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme application with the aim to mobilize Baltic Sea Region small and medium-sized ports and to optimize their activities and role in the region’s port network. Project focus areas are to promote small and medium-sized ports’ role in the transport system of the region, enhance small and medium-sized port related industries and services, and also to elaborate strategic planning tools and sustainable ways regarding construction and maintenance of port infrastructure suited for small and medium-sized ports. The kick off for the project will take place in Stockholm January 20th 2016. For further information, contact Maria Mustonen or Bo Svedberg.

Coastal Shipping Conference February 16th 2016
The conference will address issues concerning coastal shipping and its role in future transport systems. The event takes place in Västerås, Sweden and is arranged by the Swedish Maritime Forum, Administrative Board of the Västmanland County, Mälarhamnar AB (Ports of Mälaren), Chamber of Commerce Mälardalen and the municipalities of Västerås and Luleå. Further information

Conference Oct 21st 2015: Shipping and a fossil-fuel independent vehicle fleet
The conference is arranged by the Swedish Shipowners Association and the 2030-Secretariat. The main subject that will be discussed during the conference is how shipping can contribute to the 2030 objective; a fossil-fuel independent fleet. Read more (in Swedish)

NordPIANC Meeting September 21th-23rd 2015
The PortInfra network is represented by Maria Johansson, Ecoloop, that will present the challenges for infrastructure in ports and fairways from a maintenance and daily operations perspective. The meeting is held in Lappeenranta, Finland. Read more

Conference Oct 6th 2015: Drivers for Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region
The conference will address the main areas of the Blue Growth agenda: fostering an innovative green Blue Economy, access to finance for maritime sectors, skills and qualification. The conference will take place in Copenhagen and is organised by DG Mare, Maritime Development Center of Europe, Danish Maritime Authority and Baltic Development Forum. Further information

SMOCS represented at ECSMGE 2015
In September 2015 the 16th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering is arranged in Edinburgh. Göran Holm from the Swedish Geotechnical Institute is presenting the paper “Stabilized sediments in port constructions – Important considerations and key experiences”. The paper is written by SMOCS project participants from the Swedish Geotechnical Institute, Luleå University of Technology, Klaipeda University and the Maritime Institute in Gdansk. For more information about the conference, visit the ECSMGE 2015 website.

PortInfra continues work on operation and maintenance issues
PortInfra is participating in the project Reliable Transport Systems (RTS). The work consists of describing operation and maintenance activities in ports as a part of the ground based transport system. In the near future we will examine ports challenges and needs, and in the early autumn submit an application to run a development program for three years with an option for up to ten years. RTS project owner is Luleå Tekniska Universitet who is carrying out the project in collaboration with participating actors and Vinnova (the Swedish innovation agency). For further information, please contact Maria Johansson or Bo Svedberg.

Final report from LTU/SGI project
The final report from the project Sustainable Management of contaminated sediments in the Baltic Sea Region – A BSR Network for prioritization and management of contaminated sediment hot spots is now published. The project was conducted 2011-2014 by Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and the Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI) and was funded by the Swedish Institute (SI). To read the report click here. If you have any questions, contact Kristina Lundberg.

PIANC planning to increase activities in Sweden
PIANC is planning to increase their activities in Sweden the upcoming years. Bo Svedberg (Luleå University of Technology/Ecoloop) of PortInfra met Mattias Sandell (Ports of Stockholm) and Jon Sjöstrand (Swedish Maritime Adminstration) representing a Swedish section of PIANC in mid october in order to discuss the situation for Swedish ports and maritime services and discuss cooperation on knowledge transfer and development.  We set out a goal to arrange a port seminar in the early autumn of 2015 as well as initiate works to establish a joint knowledge and development platform. Click here to read more about PIANC.

PortInfra invited to take part in a strategic development project
Project Manager Rune Lindberg (LTU) are inviting Swedish partners representing ports to take part in project that will identify key aspects to develop and improved management of maintenance operations in the Swedish transport system, roads, railways and ports. The application is due early November. The project will, if approved by Vinnova, later be invited to propose an “Innovation Programme” in which Vinnova will cofund 50% of development works. Further info please contact Rune Lindberg on +46 70 544 56 10, or Bo Svedberg +46 730 300 410.

SMOCS highlighted by the Government Offices of Sweden
The SMOCS project was recommended by the Swedish EPA and thereafter selected as a good example of a Baltic Sea Region project which has resulted in a useful guideline. Click here to read about the SMOCS project on the Government Offices of Sweden website.

A joint Project on PortInfra, book the date 16-17 Sept, 2014 in Gdynia/Gdansk: The PortInfra network will host a workshop in order to develop a BSR-region Project on Construction and maintenance of port infrastructure. For further info don´t hesitate to Contact Göran Holm or Bo Svedberg.

Workshop on durability of stabilized sediments 9-10 Sept, 2014 in Stockholm: Welcome to a workshop addressing the topic of durability of contaminated sediments that have been upgraded for Construction purposes using the stabilization/solidification technology. The workshop will be held in Stockholm, deadline for registration is 5 June. Information about the workshop can be found here. For further info don´t hesitate to Göran Holm or Josef Mácsik.

Port Seminar 2-3 April, 2014 in Västerås: In the beginning of April PortInfra arranged a seminar in association with Swedish Ports and the city of Västerås. Nearly 60 participants gathered in Västerås for two days and took part of knowledge and experiences of the different challenges that Swedish ports face today. Notes and PowerPoints from the seminars and photos from the event can be found here.

A big thank you to all the participants for making these days so inspiring and interesting!